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Podcast: The Drinking Buddy Show

Ken grew up between Japan and the US with a passion for music. He climbed his way up and was producing music for top artists in Japan before the age of 30. Looking for a new challenge, Ken founded Golden Foo, an entertainment company, in Los Angeles with two partners. 
On today’s show, artist LaJon Miller joins me in Long Beach, California.  LaJon began drawing at an early age, copying his favorite graphic novel artists in notebooks. But what brought LaJon from sketches to the murals and paintings he’s known for today? How did art, something he was told couldn’t be a career, become his full-time passion? I saw down with LaJon to hear about his journey. 
Ambitious Ales started when five friends decided to leave their careers behind and take their homebrewing hobby to the professional level. I sat down with Garrett to learn about their journey from winning a couple of brewing awards to opening their doors on Atlantic Avenue in a local landmark. We chatted about their goal of being a community hub, their plans for the future, and their latest lineup of craft beers.
Brendan Megowan, Founder of Whale Face Beer in Long Beach, California, joins Frank on the podcast to talk about all things craft beer. Brendan shares his stories of personal and entrepreneurial struggle in Palo Verdes, Sacramento, and Long Beach, and gives insight into what it takes to run a successful craft brewery. 
Our founder Frank Rodgers sits down with Long Beach foodie Cassidy Liston to chat about how she fell in love with the culinary scenes of the many places she's lived. Cassidy talks about growing up in a small town in Illinois, spending some time in New York City, and ultimately settling in Long Beach, California. 

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