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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 36: Dreaming Big with Garrett Carroll of Ambitious Ales




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. What's your most audacious dream?

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Summary (TLDR)

Ambitious Ales started when five friends decided to leave their careers behind and take their homebrewing hobby to the professional level. I sat down with Garrett to learn about their journey from winning a couple of brewing awards to opening their doors on Atlantic Avenue in a local landmark. We chatted about their goal of being a community hub, their plans for the future, and their latest lineup of craft beers.


1:17 Garrett Carroll
7:00 Switching from music to craft beer
11:01 The five founders of Ambitious Ales
15:32 Surviving the pandemic
18:14 The Ambitious brand
20:03 A community hub
21:41 Expansion
24:16 Current beer lineup
29:45 Where to learn more


6.8% ABV Mandrake Falls West Coast IPA by Ambitious Ales
Hops: Triple Dry Hopped with Rakau, Motueka and The Bruce
NotesApproachable, clean, modern West Coast profile with tropical fruit and soft citrus

5% ABV Gandalf the CrispNew Zealand Style Pilsner by Ambitious Ales
Hops: Motueka 
NotesLime zest, clean profile, balanced bitterness


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