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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 6: The Long Beach Culinary Scene with Cassidy Liston of Yes Please Food



😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show! Let's chat with Long Beach foodie Cassidy Liston.

Our founder Frank Rodgers sits down with Long Beach foodie Cassidy Liston to chat about how she fell in love with the culinary scenes of the many places she's lived. Cassidy talks about growing up in a small town in Illinois, spending some time in New York City, and ultimately settling in Long Beach, California. Cassidy also shares the story of Beach City Food Tours, a local company started by the late Layla Ali-Ahmad, and the legacy that continues in her beloved community. Frank then gets Cassidy's thoughts on pairing drinks with Rayu Senbei, our delicious chili oil rice crackers.

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