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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 43: Sips and Snacks with Greg Beck of Sake Secret and Paul Nakayama of Nankai Shochu




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Buddies of the show Greg Beck of Sake Secret and Paul Nakayama of Nankai Shochu are back to sip and snack with me.

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Summary (TLDR)

Greg Beck has been running a sake bar pop-up out of Long Beach Beer Lab called Sake Secret, sharing his passion and knowledge with sake lovers new and old. Paul Nakayama recently expanded from importing and sharing vacuum-distilled Nankai and Nankai Gold Shochu, to a new whiskey-barrel aged shochu and some incredible new nihonshu from Moonbloom Sake. Grab a pack of Drinking Buddy snacks and join us while we sip and snack.


Sake & Shochu

15% ABV Kunoichi Yamahai Junmai by Moon Bloom Sake
Milling: 70%
NotesFloral and red apple notes, mild finish, acidic taste. 

16% ABV Junmai Ginjo Genshu by Moon Bloom Sake
Milling: 59%
NotesMild sweetness, crips finish, salt and spice hints, banana and plum flavors.

24% ABV White Oak Shochu by Nankai Shochu
Shochu: 80% Kokuto Sugar, 20% Rice 
Woody aromas, notes of vanilla, lychee, and banana. 

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