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About Us | Drinking Buddy Artisan Snacks

Frank in Japan 
Drinking Buddy is a boutique Japanese snack importer founded in 2019 in Long Beach, California. We select unique snacks prepared by artisan, family-owned businesses in rural Japan, and pair them with locally made craft beer, kombucha, sake, and shochu, as well as coffee and tea. With Drinking Buddy Artisan Snacks, you are experiencing new flavors while helping us keep the small snack businesses we love alive.

Our company was born after founder and owner Frank Rodgers had spent over a half-decade in Japan – first studying and then working in rural Hiroshima and Osaka. Over time, he became intimately familiar with the social customs of his Japanese peers and diligently learned the country’s complex language.

After returning to the States, Frank would make frequent trips with his wife to her hometown of Osaka. They quickly became known for bringing dozens of locally made treats of all flavor profiles back to their friends and family. These care packages were met with overwhelmingly positive feedback and an inevitable issue: how to share more? Eventually this conundrum blossomed into our business - enjoying niche Japanese snacks and the culture behind them with our buddies.

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