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Craft Beer Event: Craft Beer Long Beach Festival | Saturday, October 10, 2020 | 1:00pm - 3:45pm

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Craft Beer Long Beach Festival is the only festival to feature local Long Beach breweries, businesses & artists. 

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Festival Beer List

Ambitious Ales
5.5% ABV Hike School Lager
Citra Lager dry hopped with Citra LUPOMAX

Beachwood Brewing
6.8% ABV Khakis Or Car Keys Hazy IPA
NE IPA featuring three different British malts and a wicked extreme dry hop regimen with HBC-344, HBC-568, Mosaic, Citra and Loral

Dutch’s Brewhouse
4.9% ABV Spruce All Mighty Pilsner
A german style pilsner with fresh Colorado-grown spruce tips. A light and refreshing pilsner that showcases an herbal and floral aroma, while maintaining a soft mouthful, reminiscent of wet-hopped beers.


6.7% ABV La Fawnduh West Coast IPA
A single-hopped west coast IPA. Idaho 7 displays a blend of tropical fruit notes and candied citrus, followed by a piney bitterness.

Ficklewood Ciderhouse
7.4% ABV Ficklewood Original – Cider
Laying the foundation of what makes FIcklewood Cider unique. This creation originates from three different yeasts that were carefully selected making three different ciders which are blended together to give an amazing apple blossom aroma, full mouth feel, and crisp apple finish.

Hog Canyon x Indie x Beer Thug Life
8.30% ABV Uncle Shoes IPA
DDH Double IPA with Citra, Galaxy, & Simcoe Hops

Liberation Brewing Co
6.9% ABV I See Danger West Coast IPA
Showcasing experimental hop HBC 586, it has got a good amount of mango, little hints of guava, a gentle herbal finish, and has moderate bitterness

Long Beach Beer Lab
9.9% ABV Double Blind Triangle Tripe IPA
Hazy Triple IPA DDH with Mosaic, Waimea and Southern Cross hops. Only to be described as FROOT LOOPS breakfast cereal in a can this 9.9% abv whopper of an IPA is silky smooth, creamy and chock full of tropical flavors.

Scholb Premium Ales
6.8% ABV Tall Dank and Handsome West Coast IPA
Mosaic, Simcoe, and Columbus combine to create a unique and complex hop aroma & flavor with a lingering dankness.

Smog City Brewing
6.8% ABV Smog Days Weather Machine Hazy IPA
This haze machine rains down with notes of gummi candy, mango and candied lemon. With a pillowy mouthfeel, soft bitterness and deep tropical flavors, this is a hazy you can drink in any weather!

Steady Brewing
5.3% ABV Ölbohrturmpumpenheber Oktoberfest
Rich German malt aroma (Vienna & Munich malts) and malt forward balance. Moderate hop bitterness via. Tettnang &  Hersbrucker hops.

Ten Mile Brewing
4.8% ABV Amber Waves of Apricot Hefeweizen
This Apricot Hefeweizen is a play on a traditional American style Hefeweizen. Apricot is all over the nose and initial taste giving way to a grainy,  bready body like an American Hef. The slightly tart character and high volume of carbonation make this a super refreshing beer for a hot end of summer (fall) day!

Trademark Brewing
7.4% ABV Hula Moon Tropical IPA
Treat yourself to a tropical vacation under moonlit skies with Trademark’s Hula Moon. This tropical-inspired IPA evokes aromas of ripe pineapple, guava, and citrus.


5% ABV Viking Blonde Blonde Ale
Bright and zesty, Viking Blonde is our perfect summer crusher. The lime, grapefruit, and herbal hop notes are paired with a crisp finish and a lingering bitterness that invite you back for another sip.

TrustedGut Brewing
5.5% ABV Hey Neighbor Strawberry Tarte Blonde Ale
We're proud to release information about the Hey Neighbor collaboration. For this collaboration, Long Beach’s oldest operating brewery, Belmont Brewing Co. collides with Long Beach’s newest brewery, TrustedGut. This unique old-meets-new collaboration remixed BBC’s classic Strawberry Blonde Ale recipe. We brewed it with a new proprietary yeast strain, Philly Sour Wild Brew, which produces complex lactic acid flavor profiles throughout fermentation. Then we triple-fruited the results with real strawberries. Hey, Neighbor delivers a bright, rose-colored tart blonde ale that is juicy, just a little sour, and offers refreshing aromas and afternotes of fresh strawberries.

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