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Wasabi Shoyu Mayo | Savory Rice Cracker Bites

What's Inside:
A bold addition to our collection, our newest bar snack combines the heat of wasabi, the umami of soy sauce, and the savory, tangy goodness of Japanese mayonnaise into a crunchy, bite-sized rice cracker. Add them to your favorite charcutterie platter, sprinkle them on a salad, dunk them into a hearty tomato soup - the options are endless. Wasabi Shoyu Mayo brings the search for Japan's best snacks right to you.
Product Details

Sugar free
Gluten free

How to Pair
Ales Red Wine Sake Buddies
Pilsner, Witbier Tannic Wines Dry Sake Good Buddies
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Drinking Buddy Fan

Took this wine tasting and shared it with friends, everyone loved it and couldn’t stop snacking on it till the large bag was all gone. My friends insisted I order some more. So I ordered a bunch because we just couldn’t get enough. Will always take this wine tasting. So addicting and so yummy. Love the unique flavor can’t find in other snacks pairs well with reds. Name says it all !!!

Paul Dohrenwend
Gem of a snack

The Wasabi Shoyu / Savory Rice Cracker Bites are amazing snacks by themselves and even better compliments to crackers, spreads, dips and cheese. I would serve them at any happy hour or get together to please the crowd and provide something unique to the table!


Wasabi Shoyu Mayo | Savory Rice Cracker Bites

OMG! It is sooooo gooooodddd

I love both rayu senbei and wasabi shoyu mayo. omg it is so good. I will order another one soon.

Addicting and Delicious

We reorder these tasty treats every time we run out. Love the crunchy texture and the heat from the wasabi is just right.

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