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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 5: Sake and Shochu Pairings with Greg Beck and Paul Nakayama




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Enough talk. It's time to do some unconventional sake and shochu pairings.

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Frank brings back Greg Beck, the accidental sake expert (and shochu advisor) to provide some fun pairings with Paul Nakayama's Nankai Shochu, a few different types of sake, and our first snack offering: Rayu Senbei. How will our chili oil rice cracker pair with Greg's recommendations?

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環日本海漁師酒純米吟醸 Kan Nihonkai Ryoshi Zake Junmai Ginjo -

白鹿純米吟醸 Hakushika Junmai Ginjo -

白川郷ささにごり純米吟醸 Shirakawago Sasanigori -

Colorado Sake Co Horchata Nigori -

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