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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 30: Digital Marketer Mark Auyoung




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Starting off the new year with some new ideas.

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Summary (TLDR)

Digital marketer Mark Auyoung joins us from Costa Mesa, CA. I often have on entrepreneurs in the craft beverage space, but I wanted to start off 2021 with Mark to get his insights into a skill set that all entrepreneurs need – digital marketing. Mark has helped hundreds of small business people get their products and services online, using a data-driven process to grow brand awareness and conversion. If you’re running a business, or even just thinking of starting one in 2021, then you need to listen in.



01:39 Mark Auyoung's background

05:26 Why Digital Marketing?

09:58 Reviewing Drinking Buddy snacks

14:36 Mark's top digital marketing tips for 2021

18:38 Keyword research

22:10 Mark's second tip for 2021

24:12 Data literacy

27:37 Build and scale fallacy

28:40 Content and intent

33:47 Mark's final tip


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