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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 29: Beer Educator Proper Josh




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. It's time to kick back, relax, and have a holiday beer.

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Summary (TLDR)

Beer educator Proper Josh joins us from San Diego, CA. Proper Josh is a self-educated beer and wine aficionado. He posts craft beer reviews daily, highlighting the craftsmanship required to make a truly great brew. We sat down to talk about how he got into craft beer, how he judges what he drinks, staying healthy while imbibing, and his holiday beer recommendations.


01:05 Proper Josh's background

04:33 First homebrew style

06:10 India Pale Ale

08:30 Beer styles and marketing

10:30 Breweries dedicated to authentic styles

13:32 The future of craft beer styles

16:36 Tasting a beer

19:59 Influence of wine tasting on beer judging

21:30 Staying healthy while enjoying beer

25:50 Drinking during the holidays

26:58 Holiday beer recommendations

31:10 Hidden jewels at Trader Joe's

32:10 The future of Proper Josh


10% ABV Santa's Little Helper Imperial Stout by Port Brewing Co.
Notes: Dark cocoa and roasted coffee aromatics. Hints of sweet crystal malt, warming tones of alcohol and a touch of hops. 

6.8% CelebrationFresh Hop IPA by Sierra Nevada
Notes: Citrus and pine aromas. Featuring Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. 

8.0% ABV Bacon And Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter by Pizza Port Brewing Company
Notes: Cold-pressed coffee from Bird Rock Roasters. Strong coffee flavors with rich chocolate and roasted malts.

9.2% ABV Christmas Pancakes Gingerbread Imperial Milk Stout by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
Notes: Spices, honey and maple syrup.


The Lost Abbey 

La Quinta Brewing Co. 

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