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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 28: Peter Kim of Kizakura USA




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Why beer or sake, when you can make both?

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Summary (TLDR)

Peter Kim joins us on behalf of Kizakura USA.Peter shares the unique beer and sake offerings from Kizakura Brewery in Kyoto with retailers across the United States. He joined us to share the history of this unusual dual brewery, along with their line of flavored sake, and the Kyoto and Lucky craft beer series.


01:53 Peter Kim's background

03:22 History of Kizakura Brewery

06:10 Head sake and beer brewers at Kizakura

08:30 Kizakura in the US

09:46 Kizakura sake offerings

12:20 Kizakura craft beer offerings

12:34 Kyoto Beer series and pairings

17:22 Lucky Beer series and pairings


10% ABV Kizakura Coconut Nigori
Notes: Rounded sweetness from rice and coconut. 

10% ABV Kizakura Matcha Nigori
Notes: Light Matcha flavor with milky and sweet honeydew flavor with a hint of pistachio. 


Kizakura Kyoto and Lucky Brew Series


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