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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 27: Brandon Sugano & Claire Kim of Sura Korean BBQ and Fine Feathers Kombucha




 😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. We're bubbling with excitement about this 'booch.

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Claire Kim and Brandon Sugano join us from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House and Fine Feathers Kombucha in Long Beach, CA. Claire and Brandon recently made news as the new owners of Long Beach’s own Fine Feathers Kombucha. The husband and wife team had purchased Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House six years ago and were looking to expand their business. We chatted about how they ended up owning two local businesses, Brandon’s craft beer tap list, and some recommended kombucha flavors and Korean dishes.


01:32 Brandon Sugano and Claire Kim

06:02 Adding craft beer to Sura's menu

08:37 Taking over Fine Feathers Kombucha

10:57 Fermenting kimchee

12:02 Brewing Korean alcohol

13:15 Future of Fine Feathers

14:43 Surviving the pandemic

16:12 Recommended Sura Korean BBQ Dishes

16:54 Kombucha tasting

21:15 Drinking Buddy Snack tasting

23:42 Supporting Sura Korean BBQ and Fine Feathers Kombucha


Sencha Guayasa by Fine Feathers Kombucha
Notes: Rich and zesty, with hints of sweet citrus 

Lavender Chamomile by Fine Feathers Kombucha
Notes: Gentle sweetness, subtle floral character and refreshing effervescence 


5% ABV Beach House Amber by Strand Brewing
Notes: Hoppy, floral nose leads to a hoppy flavor character amidst a full malt backbone. Nutty, crushable.

5% ABV Kloud Lager by Lotte
Notes: Full bodied, Czech and German hops


Mary's Free Range Chicken from Pitman Family Farms

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