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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 24: Creating a Craft Beer Hub with Dennis Trilles of Craft Beer LB




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Hope you love craft beer as much as this guy.

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Summary (TLDR)

On today’s show, Dennis Trilles joins us from Craft Beer LB in Long Beach, CA. Dennis is the face behind the online hub of Long Beach’s craft beer scene, the organizer of the Craft Beer LB festival, and the graphic designer making local favorite LB Hats. And he does all that in his spare time. We chat about how he ended up in Long Beach and what drove him to create Craft Beer LB on behalf of all his favorite breweries.


01:40 Moving around the world
04:25 The family muscle car
06:32 Getting into craft beer
08:27 Favorite breweries
09:50 Craft Beer LB Festival
14:27 Favorite local beers of the moment
18:13 Wasabi Shoyu Mayo review
19:27 Craft Beer LB future plans
22:25 Where to find Craft Beer LB


5.5% ABV Hike School by Ambitious Ales
Notes: Citra Lager dry hopped with Citra LUPOMAX  

5% ABV Viking Blonde by Trademark Brewing
Notes: Bright and zesty, with lime, grapefruit, and herbal hop notes paired with a crisp finish and a lingering bitterness

Pairing: Wasabi Shoyu Mayonnaise 

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