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The Drinking Buddy Shop Episode 22: Making Movies and Craft Beer with Joel Elliott of Strand Brewing



😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Ever been to Mozambique?

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Summary (TLDR)

Joel Elliott joins us from Strand Brewing in Torrance, CA.Joel did not have what you might call a typical childhood. Born on the island of Oahu, Joel moved with his family to Hollywood at the tender age of 4. Surfer, filmmaker, world traveler, and eventually business owner and craft brewer – Joel shares the many sides of his life.


02:14 Oahu to Hollywood
05:23 Joel Starts Surfing
06:36 Co-founder Rich Marcelo
07:11 Jeff Parker
07:35 Surf Trip Around the World
17:01 Surf Documentary: The Electric Mayhem
17:45 Finding a New Gig
19:31 Starting a Brewery with Little Homebrewing Experience
22:38 Working with the City of Torrance in the Pandemic
23:10 Running a Brewery and Being a Husband & Father
26:12 Recommended Beers to Try
27:50 YouTube Series

Beer Tasting Notes

6.4% ABV Little Bear IPA - Mosaic & Polaris Hops

Easy drinking and pretty hoppy

Pairs with burgers, pizza, and your favorite food

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