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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 21: Jesse Sundstrom of Ten Mile Brewing





😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Hope you like lagers.

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On today’s show, Jesse Sundstrom joins us from Ten Mile Brewing in Signal Hill, CA. Jesse and his family have always done things together. Since he was a little kid, they’d always head up to the family cabin to relax and have fun. Jesse shares how the family that camped together became the family that brews craft beer together.


01:41 Growing up in Lakewood, CA
05:10 Homebrewing with Dad
05:59 Going Pro
07:08 Signal Hill Location
08:59 Running a Family Business
09:23 Opening Ten Mile Brewery
10:00 Upcoming Documentary on Brewing
12:35 Balancing a Brewery and a Family
13:57 Facing the Pandemic
17:22 Upcoming Beer Releases

Beer Tasting Notes

4.8% ABV Plethora Of Piñatas Vienna Mexican Lager Delicious amber lager with light toasty notes, a subtle sweet body and grain flavor due to an elevated amount of corn

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