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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 20: Yuto Someya of Yaegaki & Roga Sake




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Did you know saké gets made by hand in the heart of LA?

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Yuto Someya joins us to share the story of Yaegaki, the first Japanese saké brand to start brewing in the United States. We’ll talk about their founding over 350 years ago, their pioneering move to Vernon in the heart of Los Angeles in the 1980s, and Roga, their new venture brewed through a digital collaboration between their toji in Japan and the brewing team here.


01:44 Intro to Yuto Someya
04:28 Yaegaki Company History
06:38 Yaegaki in America
10:07 Second Generation Brand Roga
12:21 Making sake with Californian Yamada Nishiki Rice
14:11 Roga and Yaegaki lineups
16:50 Yaegaki USA Brewery Manager Reiko Wade
19:03 Availability of Yaegaki and Roga


Roga Junmai Daiginjo - cheese, fruits (especially cantelope), vegetables

Roga Junmai - boldly flavored foods including Mexican, Italian, and BBQ 

Yaegaki Junmai - American, Asian, French, Greek, Italian, Mexican cuisine

Yaegaki Cloudy Nigori - BBQ

Yaegaki Reiko Sake - Japanese Cuisine

Tasting Notes

Roga Daiginjo - Crisp, Semi-dry, elegant richness, hint of plum
Serve chilled in a white wine glass for best aroma

Roga Jumai - Light, dry, refreshing acidity
Serve warm, room temperature, or slightly chilled

Yaegaki Junmai - Versatile
Serve at any temperature

Yaegaki Cloudy Nigori - refreshing, melty taste, well-balanced, a little kick to it
Serve chilled

Yaegaki Reiko Sake - Versatile
Serve at any temperature

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