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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 19: Creating America's First Chuhai Company with Jason Rogers of Yatta!



😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Bet you've never had this super popular Japanese beverage.

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Pro skater and entrepreneur Jason Rogers joins us on The Drinking Buddy Show to talk about his new beverage venture Yatta! We’ll talk about his unique childhood as a sponsored bmx bike rider and skateboarder that globetrotted while still in high school. We then discuss his stint at Hapa magazine, taking a leadership role at a skate shoe company, producing skater videos, and founding Autobahn, his performance skateboard wheel company. Then we chat about what inspired him to create America’s first chuhai company, Yatta!, and what his plans are for the future.

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04:44 Writing for Hapa Magazine

06:05 Moving back to San Diego

08:26 Autobahn Wheel Company

09:54 Jason's first chuhai

12:48 Researching chuhai

16:34 Finding a korui shochu maker

17:49 Franzia family reaches out

19:49 Creation of Yatta! brand name

20:45 The future of Yatta! Beverage Co.

21:47 Overseas expansion

24:18 Current Lineup

30:15 Availability and distribution of Yatta!


Mid90s (2018 Movie)

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Christopher Pellegrini on Instagram

Shochu.Pro website

Kiso Area of Japan

Yatta! by Happa-tai 葉っぱ隊 やった!

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