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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 11: Daniel Drennon & Tom Carroll of Beer Paper LA




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. We're sitting down with two of the best in SoCal craft beer.

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Summary (TLDR)

Frank chats with two LA beer celebrities. Daniel Drennon is the publisher, editor, and head writer of Beer Paper, the local monthly you’ll find at just about any brewery or bottle shop in SoCal. Tomm Carroll is a beer educator, judge, traveler, and writer, and has witnessed the explosion of craft beer in Los Angeles. Tomm is also the senior contributor for Beer Paper. Despite the stops and starts due to COVID19, Daniel and Tomm continue to support their local breweries, and the passionate brewers and entrepreneurs behind them. Frank chats with them about the once non-existent craft beer scene, what brought them both to writing about beer, and their thoughts on how craft beer will evolve during and post coronavirus.


01:07 Intro to Tomm Carroll
05:38 Daniel Drennon Gets into Craft Beer
12:52 Surly Goat and the nascent LA craft beer scene
17:17 COVID19 Impact on Craft Beer
21:15 How to Judge Craft Beer
24:20 Brewery Shutdowns and Survival
27:25 地ビール Japanese Craft Beer Scene
29:50 Will the be craft beer events again?
39:00 How to support Local Beer

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