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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 33: Darren Nicholson of iPourIt




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Pour yourself a tall one and enjoy.  

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Summary (TLDR)

Darren Nicholson joins me from iPourit, headquartered in Santa Ana, CA.

As breweries, restaurants, and now bars reopen in Long Beach and LA County, I wonder what permanent changes we’ll see to the food and beverage scene.

iPourit caught my eye with their unique self-service beer & wine experience.

They started off as the garage project of founder Brett Jones in 2012 and were growing steadily through 2019. The pandemic created an opportunity for them to take the self-serve model even further and introduce a touchless tap system.

I sat down with Darren Nicholson to learn more about this trend that is sure to expand rapidly in the near future.




7.1% ABV DreamyardNew England Hazy IPA by Modist Brewing Co.
Notes: Stonefruit, pineapple, and citrus aromas. Moderate bitterness and citrusy juiceniess from generous Citra and Denali hops.

8.0% ABV FAD New England Double IPA by OMNI Brewing Co.
 Notes: Orange, grapefruit aromas. Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops.


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