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The Drinking Buddy Show Episode 25: Mark Tigchelaar of Solid Coffee Roasters




😀 Welcome back to The Drinking Buddy Show. Time to wake up and smell the coffee!

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Summary (TLDR)

On today’s show, Mark Tigchelaar joins us from Solid Coffee Roasters in Artesia, CA. Mark is a transplant from Michigan. He got into craft coffee (and craft beer) when he and his wife moved to San Diego, and his interest grew as they moved up to LA County. He eventually met the original founders of Solid Coffee Roasters and proposed joining as their managing director. Mark shares how they opened up a second spot at Steel Craft, the Solid Mile collaboration with Ten Mile Brewing, how Solid Coffee is getting through the pandemic, and a couple of recommended blends from their roastery.


01:39 Transplant from Michigan
03:07 Moving to San Diego and getting in craft coffee
07:33 The Solid Coffee Roasters name
08:32 Solid Mile Collaboration with Ten Mile Brewing
11:22 Pushing through the pandemic
14:22 The future of Solid Coffee
18:24 Coffees you should try right now
22:07 What makes Solid Coffee unique
23:45 Opportunities for new coffee roasters and entrepreneurs


Salgar - Silvia Columbian
Notes: Chocolate, citrus acidity, nutty 

Koke Washing Station- Yirgachefe Region - Ethiopia
Notes: Peach, blueberry, coconut


6.4% ABV Solid Mile by Ten Mile Brewing X Solid Coffee Roasters
Notes: Super bitter on the nose, smooth finish

Pairing: Rayu Senbei

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